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Cryptids - EP

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Future Death: Cryptids - EP

After two years of activity, Austin-based progressive space punk band Future Death has certainly been busy. After they released their first single in July of 2013, their debut self-titled EP was released in October of that year. After many regional tours and countless local shows, they released their debut full-length Special Victim in May of 2014 on Bloodmoss Records to much critical acclaim. The album was followed by extensive national tours in 2014 and 2015 with bands like This Will Destroy You and Boyfrndz. The band and their music was also featured in the upcoming indie slasher movie Night of the Babysitter, which will be released in the near future.

Future Death’s upcoming EP titled Cryptids on Bloodmoss sees the band utilizing the studio more with a heavier and wider element of vocal work and synthesizers from vocalist Angie Kang, as well as a more fluid and cohesive transition from track to track. This element ties in a more linear quality to the record that was less present on Special Victim, but also lent the band to more exploratory approaches to production with engineer Chico Jones (OHM Recording Facility).