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Aby Ngana Diop: Aby Ngana Diop Remixes

The worldwide release of Aby Ngana Diop’s Liital tape this fall was a long time coming. A much-requested reissue that appeared on the blog years ago, Liital was met with a hail of critical acclaim upon its release. Now, a group of artists known for adventurous work remixes some of Diop’s most striking songs. Black Dice, Orchestra of Spheres and Michael Ozone draw inspiration from Diop’s vivid original recordings, presenting new takes on the seminal griot’s frenetic and highly rhythmic songs. Orchestra of Spheres must be the most out-of-this-world band in music today. The Wellington, NZ outfit makes its own instruments and sounds like they come from another planet, where nonstop dance and remarkable melodies are the norm. Michael Ozone is a Melbourne-based producer who has absorbed an ever-expanding universe of influences, propelling his mercurial vision to listeners-in-the-know outside Australia. He builds a megamix out of Diop’s songs equally suited for a thoughtful chill or a mellow dance. The long-running group Black Dice is a legendary force in American music, whose seminal body of work stretches across sensibilities and movements. Their startling approach to turning Diop’s music inside-out takes a compelling turn in this brain-rattling remix. Although she passed away in 1997, Aby Ngana Diop’s only cassette release lives on through the recent reissue and with these remixes, entering a new chapter of recognition among contemporary musicians around the world.