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I Had Grown Wild

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My Brightest Diamond: I Had Grown Wild

"I Had Grown Wild" is the culminative EP in a series of releases that began in 2014, and is the followup to the success My Brightest Diamond's 2014 full-length "This Is My Hand." This EP of five tracks includes two new original songs from MBD, and a remix of "This Is My Hand" in both English and French.

The EP begins and ends with a minimalist but driving remix of the LP's title track, "This Is My Hand," first sung in French, then in English. "Say What", inspired by a poem by Staceyann Chin, recontextualizes images from Billy Holiday's "Strange Fruit" and issues a challenge to compare and contrast the experience of black and white Americans. Continuing on the subject of children, "Bronze Head" lets off the steam with text taken directly from William Butler Yeats' poem by the same name. Birth, the body, and the afterlife all take their places on this EP, with the concluding song "Apparition". Since first singing Stephane (2 accents needed) Mallarme's poem set by Claude Debussy for the song cycle "Quatre chansons de jeunesse" in college when she was studying classical voice, Shara fell in love with the image of the ghost who with glowing hair who leaves behind a trail of white bouquets of perfumed stars.