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Songs For Christmas

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Sufjan Stevens: Songs For Christmas

In December 2001, Sufjan Stevens set out to create a Christmas gift for his friends and family. The result was a 7-song recording that he called, Noel, Vol. 1. Over each of the next few Christmas seasons Sufjan would create a new EP to add to the collection. As he was recording Peace : Volume V (in the summer of 2006), he considered how best to ‘officially’ release this music. He said he was, “determined to present the EPs in their original form – flaws, blemishes, mistakes and all. A compilation would have been a cumbersome compromise. A “Greatest Hits” would have been heartbreaking (How to choose?).” In addition to the music he wanted to add a ‘lavish display of ornamentation’ to coincide with the spirit of excess and overindulgence that is the hallmark of Christmas. Enclosed in the box you will find essays, a short story, song chords & lyrics, photos, stickers, a family portrait, and wishes for a Happy Christmas.