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Null: Almost

For a release so diverse in its influences, Almost is a near impossibly cohesive introduction to emerging artist Null. Through melancholic, fragile compositions the Melbourne, Australia-based producer refocuses our attention on the mid 90s catch-all "Electronica" through contemporary genres ranging from Jersey House to Footwork to Trap. Frequently derided, Electronica was posited as a homogenizing term for a rapidly proliferating host of electronic genres to the North American market, in much the same way that EDM exists today. Null explores a space in which he condenses the diversity of that "genre" - essentially attempting to create work that can wear the Electronica badge earnestly.

Available as limited edition EP pressed on 'ultraclear' vinyl, the stunning techno-organic design of design firm Oval-X (How To Dress Well, Digitalism, CFCF) is presented in a heavy card sleeve with gloss finish and a metal "tamper-proof" security sticker. With Almost serving as an introduction to Null's considerable talent, he will expand his horizons further with a full album in late 2015.