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Pure X: Pleasure

Pure X is the latest incarnation of a long-standing collaboration between Austin, Texas musicians and friends Nate Grace, Jesse Jenkins and Austin Youngblood. Ac├ęphale is proud to present their debut album, Pleasure, released July 5th in the US and worldwide August 22nd.

Looseness is a key concept for the band, and all songs were recorded live without overdubbing. The aspiration was to capture songs in their purest form, mistakes and all, as they were being written. This process allowed the songs to form themselves; structure and formula lost their rigidity as songwriting became more about evolution than intent.

Patient, sparse and never any less than heartbreaking, the clutch of songs making up Pleasure has a sonic originality that many artists spend entire careers trying to cultivate. There are clear influences here: the nonchalant bombast of the Jesus and Mary Chain, the wistful croon of Hank Williams and the lovesick melodies of 1960s soul music can all be easily perceived within the group's work to date. Crucially, however, Pure X do not let their reverence for such precedents overwhelm them. So where other lo-fi fetishists currently garnering attention tend to produce a facsimile of their inspirations, Grace, Jenkins and Youngblood dissect, invert and damage them.