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Gone Blind

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Porcelain Raft: Gone Blind

Porcelain Raft is the nom de plume of one Mauro Remiddi, Rome native, music/video mastermind and purveyor of some of the most exquisite, haunting and heartbreaking love songs you’re likely to hear in a good long while. Unsurprisingly, for someone who started off in music scoring short films, the world of Porcelain Raft traverses deeply evocative and emotive terrain, gorgeously redolent of moments lingering just on the fraying edges of time and memory.

Together, these tracks serve to announce Porcelain Raft as an important new name to watch, and, as anybody who has caught him live recently (supporting the likes of Blonde Redhead on their recent European tour or at several showcase at CMJ 2010) will attest, a beautifully compelling live act as well.