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Sean Nicholas Savage: Yummycoma

Many cassettes into the career of Sean Nicholas Savage, Yummycoma is further indication of an artist with ambitions beyond industry or conventional realities, with ambitions of the heart and soul. A life in song. Awake and dreaming. Yummy gently pursues a myriad of thoughts and emotions, set in a cool and rainy atmosphere, with each genre bending treat, painted upon a cloud of reverb. In 2017, Savage’s voice seems distant and deformed, swinging between a Boy George, Roy Orbison, and perhaps even Cher, whilst his signature whisper screams and moon howls are more developed and sober than ever before. Savage is famously known to record with a full take vocal method, in which no comps or cuts are made. This being one of his most unrealistic performances to date, is a statement in itself. As the cassette title Yummycoma suggests, although savage's melodies and words appear to be full of insight, optimism, and even joy, with upbeat rhythms and sparkling keys, yummy on the tongue - the random deranged tones, drunk with reverb put our protagonist at a distance from the listener, half swallowed tales, half sunk on this dark and stormy horizon. Neither drowning, nor surfacing, but frozen, like a photograph. This might imply however, that although Yummy; poppy, bursting with flavour and life; this coma, this snapshot, could be either an evasion, a fantasy, a distraction from some opposition, equal in extremity, or simply a peaceful reflection found only thru boundless meditation. Hauntingly, Yummycomma is out this Friday the 13th of October on Arbutus Records.