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Hamtramck '16

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Moon King: Hamtramck '16

Moon King is the alias of producer, singer & songwriter Daniel Benjamin. Born in Toronto, the musician recently moved to Detroit, where the musically fertile & offbeat neighborhood of Hamtramck became both his home and the subject material for a new set of recordings. Hamtramck '16 documents his arrival into a new and unfamiliar environment combined with a growing obsession for underground dance music, a sound & spirit that has always felt right at home in Detroit.

Collaborating with local artists & musicians, and having the freedom to stretch out after several years of constant touring, Daniel put together a completely new band with a sound drawing from dance music's early days, from post-disco pioneers like Klein & MBO, to the house music of Larry Heard, and up through the more pop-oriented songcraft of the Bee Gees or Prince. Daniel's attention to detail in production, and willingness to break the mold of what he sees as his own potential, have made him an interesting figure to watch. With Hamtramck '16 he has created a lo-fi pop gem that will leave listeners eager to hear what comes next.