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Field Of Love

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Mozart's Sister: Field Of Love

Mozart's Sister is the solo project of Montreal's Caila Thompson-Hannant. Her new album - Field of Love - is an explosion of glittering, celebratory pop. Intense, yet vulnerable, Field of Love marks a distinct growth in her artistry, and a departure from her critically-acclaimed debut Being (2014) Writing for Field of Love began in early 2015. Reliving her childhood love of 90s dance pop, Caila wanted to capture the spirit of the era's pop song - colourful, cartoonish, goofy, but always earnest. Throughout the writing process, she maintained only one rule: follow through on every musical desire. The critique could happen later, once the fun was finished. Ditching barriers and prejudice, her aim was to make music everyone was invited to. "I wrote Field of Love at a point when I truly did feel I was floating in a field of love. Once I got going the song-writing process happened very easily. As the songs came I realized: oh I really like these. There was a naivety to them and I felt like I could really cut loose when writing".

Field of Love is out February 17th, 2017 via Arbutus Records.