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V/A: Asthmatic Kitty Compilation: MEWS TOO

This new compilation from Asthmatic Kitty Records acts as a social mix-tape tracing the particular relationships that make up the extended Asthmatic Kitty family and friends. The compilation gathers musicians, friends, colleagues, and collaborators from the label’s seven-year history, presenting an odd, exciting, and idiosyncratic family tree in which kinship and musicianship are thankfully confused. Joining the choir are mainstays of the Asthmatic Kitty roster, as well as old band-mates and friends, and a few artists who’ve made their mark outside of this label.

"Mews Too" continues the musical conversation begun in 2001 by Asthmatic Kitty’s first compilation "To Spirit Back the Mews" by including many of the contributors to that album, and by inviting new friends as well. The twenty-four tracks include contributions from Asthmatic Kitty’s current roster--Sufjan Stevens, Half-handed Cloud, Liz Janes, Castanets, and Bunky--as well as indie luminaries Danielson, Royal City, Denison Witmer, Jim Guthrie, and Steven Lambke of the Constantines. Like its predecessor, “Mews Too” weaves various genres and eccentric individual visions to form a testimonial to the uniqueness of Asthmatic Kitty’s musical community.