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Zs: New Slaves Part II: Essence Implosion!

We are pleased to bring you the followup to Zs’ 2010 2xLP New Slaves, aptly titled New Slaves Part II: Essence Implosion! This record serves as a companion (or sequel) to New Slaves, their epic and acclaimed double album from earlier this year. It features remixes of material from that record by such luminaries as Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, JG Thirlwell (Foetus), Gabe Andruzzi (The Rapture), Cex, Ecstatic Sunshine and Excepter’s Zebrablood. Zs also insinuate themselves in to the mix contributing the track “MMW IV: Essence Implosion!,” a side long epic which uses the aforementioned remixes as a sound palette from which to compose. With this track, and release, Zs’ continue to embrace the studio as instrument, including not just the faculties of a studio in their process, but outside remixers and producers as well, demonstrating the ultimately collaborative nature of their approach to music.