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The Nevermores: Lock Your Doors It's...

The Nevermores is the Kingsmen covered in toxic slime; it’s Question Mark & the Mysterians stripped of its dark mirrors and reveling in cross-eyed ghoulishness. Here is the sound of close-quartered Indiana teens dissecting the vestigial jangle of the ’60s to birth a true rock’n’roll Frankenstein. Play it loud, but be sure to Lock Your Doors…

Lock Your Doors is a testament to the wild abandon and iron-clad will of bored teens full of rock’n’roll conviction, and captures their live sound in all its feral and fanged glory. Under the tutelage of John Terrill (Dancing Cigarettes, Mad Monk) and Dan Willems, the Nevermores gathered around a 4-track tape machine in a soggy basement, and blasted through their repertoire. Here, the Nevermores give you a monstrous platter of gut-punching one-take tunes. Fate doesn’t permit second chances and these kids could give a fuck about doing it right.