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The Dancing Cigarettes: Dance Dogs Dance

Informed and connected by a cursory yet immersive knowledge of contrarian art (Dada & Surrealism, the Beats & Dylan, the awkward extremes of jazz & prog rock, avant garage & the Poor Theatre of Cruelty, and punk & new/no wave), the Dancing Cigarettes coalesced in late-1970's Bloomington, Indiana out of a tangle of friends and relationships. The LP Dance Dogs Dance is a collection of tunes spanning the band's entire career. Most were recorded after the 1981 Gulcher EP, with the exception of the song "I Don't Like Linoleum" which was recorded before it as a failed 1st single project and was finally mixed down in 2015 for the release. Three other songs on the LP are excellent live recordings from Space Place in Chicago, IL, that have never been made available before. All of the material on the LP has been remastered for improved fidelity.