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Snowglobe: Me And You

Memphis's Snowglobe plays an entrancing blend of cosmic American music that owes as much to pioneering psychedelic country/pop legends like The Byrds and Gram Parsons as it does to modern-day fellow travelers like The Flaming Lips. Having played together since high school, the members of Snowglobe have a unique ability to create complex songs with a rich pallet of sounds in a seemingly nonchalant way. The Memphis-based band continues the long lasting tradition of playing honest music for the right reasons. Many comparisons to Neutral Milk Hotel, and Elephant 6 recording company have been made to Snowglobe, and as natural as the comparison seems, it seems to be an easy way out; Snowglobe has advanced far beyond this. Snowglobe sounds like Mercury Rev, the piano balladry of Tim Hardin, early '70s Beach Boys, and the Kinks. Snowglobe is a band that takes form past genres and pushes those influences a step or two forward. This is a very song-oriented band. The noises and kitchen sink extremities aren't thrown in nonchalantly; they are precise and subtle flourishes that add texture.