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Silas Blak: Editorials (War Tunes)

Silas Blak is a unique force in Seattle's hip-hop scene, spitting complex bars about subjects that rappers seldom approach, let alone attack head-on. Known for his work in formative Pacific Northwest groups Blak Stax, Silent Lambs Project, & Blind Council, Blak remains a valued member of the region's hip-hop community. Since teaming up with Cabin Games Records in 2014, the veteran MC has wasted no time in unleashing a barrage of new material. Blak's work at the 'Cabin' began with the weekly-song series titled #BlakFriday, which has garnered praise from national blogs such as The Source, Okayplayer, School of Hip-Hop, and many more. "This mixtape is my first solo in a minute. The playing field has changed but the craft stays the same and I wanted to evolve without making up shit or co-opting the struggle," Blak said in reference to #BlakFriday, which will be released as a two-part mixtape during summer 2015. Editorials (War Tunes) is the title of Silas Blak's first full studio album with Cabin Games, and will be released on October 30th, 2015. The album will feature Blak's signature energy, lyricism and style over the crisp productions of Cabin Games in-house Producer Kjell Nelson.