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Munch Munch: Wedding

After being cherry picked to accompany the likes of Grizzly Bear, Franz Ferdinand, and TV on the Radio on the recent David Shrigley LP “Worried Noodles”, Munch Munch return with a new single this January 22nd on Tomlab. The A side, ‘Wedding’ defines Munch Munch’s sound. With prominent synth similar to Of Montreal, and the distinct vocals of Klaxons, this track is a piece of raucous DIY charm. Complex drums and synth move in to a jingle pop ditty with ‘Endolphins’. Like Architecture in Helsinki, Munch Munch are able to blend funk elements into the proceedings, making this track easy for every stripe of listener to enjoy. It is as hypnotic as Steve Reich-esque patterns play counterpoint to old school Neptunes style breakdowns. The end to this delectable slice of musical initiative is ‘Wet Nightmare’ – the shortest track on the single, but by no means the least noteworthy. Like a Christmas song on speed, it grabs your attention and holds you tight, ending in a crescendo of frantic gusto. Recording frantic pop explosions in their bedrooms, they mix abstract lyrics, unpredictable structures, and ecstatic playfulness into a unique sound that appears to be the start of a fruitful career. The core members of Munch Munch are Thomas and Richard who met in 2005, and instantly bonded over a love of maple and pecan crunch cereal and the shared appreciation of the Lighthouse Family. After discovering there was unresolved musical tension between them, they scrapped their original idea of starting a Lighthouse Family covers band and set about writing some of their own songs. They now record in their bedrooms, channelling all kinds of influences into epic pop explosions. As musically informed by Robert Wyatt as they are by J Dilla and Madlib, this eclectic approach to song writing is filtered through a DIY recording ethic with comparisons to Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective and Gang Gang Dance, due to the prominent synth, abstract lyrics, unpredictable structures and ecstatic playfulness. Live they are joined by their friends Jack and Sarah, bringing a Man Man style party vibe to their performances. Gigs tend to involve frenzied instrument swapping and juggling of keyboards, two drumkits, glockenspiels, xylophones, melodica, and anything else that happens to be at hand. Bands such as Do Make Say Think and the Mae Shi are brought to mind. Unlike these bands Munch Munch are not afraid to go for the pop jugular.