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Momus: Circus Maximus

Nick Currie, the wildly prolific and much loved writer, artist and musician known as Momus began his career in 1986 with the acclaimed album "Circus Maximus," a quietly striking collection of inventive acoustic songs. While his later work would bring him to altogether different realms, on first listen, it's obvious Momus' signature charm and inventive lyricism arrived fully formed, making the record an immensely enjoyable listen from start to finish. Mixing a lively folk troubadour style worthy of Bert Jansch, along with a sunny voice befitting Donovan, Momus delivers what some consider the template for early Belle & Sebastian. The playfully eccentric collection of songs delivers punchy doses of folk balladry, Judeo-Christian imagery and a positively withering sense of humor. This expanded edition of Momus' long out-of-print debut debut album also includes a selection of three EPs from the same period: "The Beast With Three Backs" EP, the "Murderers, The Hope of Women" EP, as well as the "Jacky" EP.