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Michael Leonhart: Hotel Music

"Hotel Music" is a pastiche of Serge Gainsbourg hooks, bedroom drone, California Pop (by way of Van Dyke Parks), and Downtown experiments. It is a musical portrait by Michael Leonhart, session player to the stars. It was written and recorded over the course of a five-month stint (if a worldwide tour that long can be accurately labeled a stint) playing horns with Steely Dan (yes, Steely Dan). He passed his downtime on the road abusing various camera & cell phone cameras, his portable sampler, laptop and whatever instruments that happened to be within reach. The result is a more experimental trip than his sadly under-heard pop masterpiece "The Ballad of Minton Quigley" (2007, self-released).

Leonhart has recorded four solo records in as many years between Steely Dan and Lenny Kravitz touring, as well as sessioning with such diverse artists as Brian Eno, David Byrne, Slash, Steven Tyler and Wynton Marsalis.