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Laddio Bolocko: Live & Unreleased 1997 - 2000

Laddio Bolocko were a band from New York City in the mid-90's who toured the US and Europe relentlessly during their 4 year run. Pitchfork wrote in 2003 that the group, "effortlessly converged at the service of drive and trance, occasionally jutting out unpredictably into harsher realms. Live, they were a powerhouse, and though their recorded history is brief, it demonstrates a remarkable range of expression, precision and raw power." This set collects all unreleased material from the bands time living in a DUMBO (Brooklyn) rehearsal space and an abandoned ski lodge in the Catskill mountains, as well as live recordings from Slovenia. The DVD includes over 2 hours of footage shot on Super 8 film.