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Everything, Now!: Sunshine Of Doom

Jon Rodgers has been writing and recording songs for what would eventually become Everything,Now! since his move from Athens, GA to Muncie, IN in early 2003. While known more now for their collectivist,“C’mon everyone,play along!”attitude that carries through live shows and recent recordings,the songs on Sunshine of Doom are more stripped down and personal by comparison.

Dealing mainly with the feelings of displacement and boredom that come with a sudden shift from thriving, artistic community to rural Indiana college town, these first recordings seem to exist just as a creative release. That need for creative outlet was even seen in the initial hand-designed and packaged CD release of Sunshine of Doom in 2003. Holding to that aesthetic, St. Ives Records is re-issuing their debut as a limited (300 copies) vinyl-only release packaged in hand-painted sleeves.