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David Shrigley / Various Artists: Worried Noodles

“I didn’t make a record. I couldn’t be bothered to make a record. It would have been too difficult. It was easier not to make a record,” writes David Shrigley about his LP-sized book of song lyrics. The original Worried Noodles songbook reveals a never-ending curiosity; the lyrics are simple poetry, ironic yet somehow honest, and insistently inciting. The book merged the three spheres in Shrigley’s work – art, book, and music – yet it was silent.

That first edition, also released by Tomlab, sold out within just 6 months of its publication two years ago. The book found a slew of new admirers of David Shrigley’s work in pop music circles, wherein the idea of adapting these songs to music was recognized as something that needed to happen.

In collaboration with David Shrigley, Tomlab gathered a diverse selection of musicians and bands from the unknown to the legendary to receive a copy of the book. Many were already familiar with David Shrigley’s work, and some are among his most devoted fans. Those who did not know of his work instantly fell in love with his quirky drawings and words. All of the artists wished to join this collaboration and delivered their stellar songcraft! During the process of the collaboration, Shrigley found perhaps the best words to describe the strong enthusiasm present in the project: “Now we have opened the can of worms we have to deal with the consequences.” The can now counts 39 worms – all exclusives!